'Q' Sleeve Wallflower Varieties and Descriptions

Cloth of Gold (Golden) (40-50cm)

Deep Yellow

Fire King (Orange) (40-50cm)

Rich Orange / Apricot

Giant Pink (45-60cm)

Salmon Pink

Harlequin (Dwarf Mixed) (25-35cm)

Mix of clear and pastel colours

Ivory White (45-60cm)

Creamy White

Persian Carpet (Tall Mixed) (35-45cm)

Mix of deeper shades and pastels

Primrose Dame (40-45cm)

Primrose Yellow

Purple Shades (30-40cm)

Rich Purple/Mauve

Scarlet Emperor (35-40cm)

Scarlet Red

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Wallflowers Care Instructions

To prevent plant deterioration:

  • Remove 'Q' sleeves from boxes as soon as possible
  • Keep plants in a cool place
  • Do not stand the 'Q' sleeves in water
  • In warm weather mist frequently to maintain freshness

Order little and often to keep product as fresh as possible