Pot Vegetables

There are over 45 varieties available in trays of 18 x 8.5cm pots

Minimum Order                               

30 trays of 18 per variety (can be mixed with strip vegetables) and multiples of 2 trays  thereafter


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Last orders for Friday delivery must be received by 12 noon Wednesday


Product is delivered in 2 trays per box and sent palletised on national carriers.

Core Range includes

 Butternut Squash - Metro 

 Sweet Pepper - Red 'New Ace'

 Tomato - Moneymaker

 Chilli Pepper - Apache

 Sweet Pepper - Yellow 'Yellow Bell'        

 Tomato - Roma

 Chilli Pepper - Cheyenne 

 Sweet Pepper - Sweet Banana

 Tomato - Shirley

 Chilli Pepper - Scotch Bonnet      

 Tomato - Ailsa Craig

 Tomato - Sungold 

 Chilli Pepper - Cayenne

 Tomato - Alicante

 Tomato - Super Sweet 100 

 Chilli Pepper - Jalapeno

 Tomato - Baby Plum Lucinda 

 Tomato - Sweet Aperitif 

 Courgette - El Greco 

 Tomato - Beefmaster

 Tomato - Tigerella Heritage

 Courgette - Golden Jemmer 

 Tomato - Black Russian 

 Tomato - Totem 

 Marrow - Long Green Bush 

 Tomato - Brandy Wine Heritage

 Tomato - Tumbler 

 Melon - Honey Bun 

 Tomato - Cherokee Heritage

 Tomato - Tumbling Tom Red

 Pumpkin - Jack O'Lantern 

 Tomato - Gardeners Delight

 Tomato - Tumbling Tom Yellow       

Premium Range includes

 Aubergine - Pinstripe                

 Cucumber - Crystal Lemon                 

 Sweet Pepper - Snack                 

 Chilli  Pepper- Fresno            

 Cucumber - F1 Femspot                   

 Tomato - Chocolate Cherry        

 Chilli Pepper - Hungarian Black            

 Cucumber Mini Hana                          

 Tomato - Green Zebra               

 Courgette - Summer Ball             

 Cucumber Ridge - Perfection              

 Tomato - Peardrops                         

 Cucumber - Snack - Tiny Tot            

 Tomato - Tomatoberry              

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Vegetable Plants Care Instructions

To prevent vegetable deterioration:

  • Unpack immediately upon receipt.
  • Ensure they do not dry out, but also do not overwater.
  • Tender plants should be kept in frost free conditions at all times and in early season in a warm area.

Order little and often to keep product as fresh as possible

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