There are over 50 varieties available in trays of 18 x 8.5cm pots


Wk 9 onwards

Minimum Order                                

30 trays of 18 per variety (can be mixed with other products) and multiples of 2 trays  thereafter


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

Last orders for Friday delivery must be received by noon Wednesday

Product is delivered in 2 trays per box and sent palletised on national carriers.


 Balm Lemon

 Lavender Vera

 Rosemary Severn Seas            

 Balm Lemon Variegated                 

 Marjoram Pot

 Sage Common 

 Basil Greek

 Marjoram Sweet

 Sage Icterina 

 Basil Purple

 Mint Apple

 Sage Purple

 Basil Sweet

 Mint Black Pepper  

 Sage Tricolor

 Basil Thai

 Mint Hilary's Sweet Lemon                


 Catmint (Nepeta Faassenii)   

 Mint Moroccan



 Mint Spear

 Tarragon French


 Mint Variegated

 Thyme Archers Gold

 Chives Garlic

 Oregano Compact

 Thyme Common


 Oregano Golden

 Thyme Doone Valley


 Oregano Hot & Spicy

 Thyme Golden

 Fennel Bronze

 Oregano Variegated

 Thyme Lemon

 Fennel Green

 Parsley Curled

 Thyme Lemon Variegated


 Parsley Flat

 Thyme Silver Posie

 Helicysum Curry Plant

 Rosemary Common

 Thyme Silver Queen

 Lavendula Hidcote

 Rosemary Creeping (Haifa)

 Lavendula Munstead

 Rosemary Miss Jessops 

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21 Nov 2018
We have now completed our 2018 Vegetable and Wallflower season and would like to thank all of...

Vegetable Plants Care Instructions

To prevent vegetable deterioration:

  • Unpack immediately upon receipt.
  • Ensure they do not dry out, but also do not overwater.
  • Tender plants should be kept in frost free conditions at all times and in early season in a warm area.

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