Carry Pack Sweet Pea

Carry pack Sweet Pea in four varieties

Minimum Order                                   

24 trays (144 units) – as per split below 


12 trays (72 units) – 1/2 of the split below as part of the standard 30 tray minimum order.


Available from Week 9 (26/02/18) to Week 18 (30/04/18)

Week 13 (26/03/18)   Delivery for Easter

Week 18 (30/04/18)   Delivery for May Day




Sweet Pea Spencer Mixed     



Hanging Basket Mixed



Heritage Mixed



Patio Mixed



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21 Nov 2018
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Vegetable Plants Care Instructions

To prevent vegetable deterioration:

  • Unpack immediately upon receipt.
  • Ensure they do not dry out, but also do not overwater.
  • Tender plants should be kept in frost free conditions at all times and in early season in a warm area.

Order little and often to keep product as fresh as possible

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